At Cura Support aim to provide a warm and supportive living environment for our service users. We recognise the need to serve diverse communities and assist those with more complex needs to make lasting and long-term improvements to their quality of life. We understand the contrasting needs of vulnerable individuals, so we strive to offer high quality accommodation and planned support.

We have six principles on Safeguarding which was introduced by the Department of Health in 2011 and is embedded in the Care Act.

1. 1. Empowerment
We support people by encouraging them to make their own decisions and informed consent
2. 2. Prevention
We know Prevention is better than Cure. It is better to take action before harm occurs.
3. 3. Proportionality
We provide the least intrusive response, appropriate to the risks which are present.
4. 4. Protection
We passionately Support and represent those with the greatest needs.
5. 5. Partnership
We find local solutions through services working with their communities. We believe communities have a part to play in preventing, detecting, reporting neglect and abuse.
6. 6. Accountability
We ensure accountability and transparency in our safeguarding practices.

 Support Pathways

• We will spend quality time to engage in meaningful discussions to establish a tailor-made plan for their support needs, safety and goals.

• They will be allocated their own keyworker or floating support worker depending on type of accommodation.

• Support plans are goal orientated and their purpose is to galvanise them towards independency.

• We review the progress of plans and encourage everyone to take ownership of their goals. We support them through their journey until they can manage their lives with greater confidence.

• We regularly review support plans and we look to build on personal strengths. We like to fine tune tasks and activities until the goal is achieved.

• All our accommodation facilities are modern, safe and secure. We always have team members on-hand to assist when necessary.

• Each accommodation provides different levels of support. This all depends on the individual needs, group needs and requirements.