About Us

With our high-quality support services, we help Users gain the life skills they need to build the foundations for independent living. Everything at My Support is designed to create a perfect atmosphere of safety and home, whilst keeping its function as a high calibre professional supported living service. We cater for individuals with mental health support needs, learning difficulties and everyone who needs our Care.

We aim to making a positive difference to the lives of everyone we work with. We want to enable and help people who are often excluded from society due to vulnerabilities including homelessness, mental health and learning difficulties. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to have a better quality of life.

Our staff have experience working with individuals with mental health support needs and or learning difficulties. We ensure they attend regular mandatory training including safeguarding of vulnerable adults, health and safety, equality, diversity, mental capacity, mental health awareness, care planning as well as best practice in caring for vulnerable people. Our team also work closely with professionals in statutory mental health services as well as with our neighbours and the police to intervene when the behaviour of people who use our services becomes hazardous to their own life or the lives of other people.